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As many young boys are, Alex Tan, Singapore based Magician, was intrigued by magic at a very early age. At six years of age, he remembers sitting in front of the television and being fascinated by the magician he saw on the short but often Teach a trick program,"Trick Or Treat". Having learned his first trick with ropes, he began showing the trick and amazing everyone, friends and relatives.

His mum bought him a magic kit on his seventh birthday and he worked hard on each of the tricks. That day happens to be one of his happiest day of his life.

His dad seeing him being so very passionate about Magic brought him to his first ever REAL Magic shop and the very young and happy Alex walked out with a truckload of Magic after a few hours. Those tricks also became what you would call,"Alex The Magician's First Show".


The next few years, Alex worked hard perfecting his Magic, picking up other variety arts along the way like ventriloquism, clowning and juggling.

At age fourteen, Alex's focus shifted to DJing and learned all about being a DJ from anything he could get his hands on. He always had the desire to perform and being in front of a crowd, and being a DJ sort of filled that gap. He is fortunate to have many great teachers and excelled in DJing to the point of considering it as a career. But Magic was never out of Alex's life.

After only a few years being a DJ working many great venues and clubs, Alex suddenly woke up one day and realized that magic is really what he wanted to do.

He gave up DJing and continued his journey to being a professional Magician. But those years being a DJ gave him a great foundation on speaking, entertaining and being in front of a crowd.

Completing a course on Tourism Management, Alex served National Service in The Singapore Air Force. After which, Alex came into society and worked for a year as an Event Producer with two companies, Razes Entertainment and Media Event Management. That one year helped greatly in his career as a professional Magician.

After only a year in event management, Alex took the plunge to pursue his dream, being a Magician.

Alex started with humble beginnings, working the streets as a busker. He would entertain passer-bys with his Magic and antics, and only getting paid when his job is done well. Those grueling days as a busker helped perfect his skills in entertaining with Magic.

After 16 years as a professional Magician, Alex has entertained royalties, celebrities, politicians and everyday people across six countries in over 1800 performances and still counting.

It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey for Alex... and it is far from being over.


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