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Alex's World Of Illusions
(Highly Recommended!)

Want To Inject A Sense Of Grandeur and Create Riveting Excitement In Your Next Event? In Singapore and Internationally.

Alex's electrifying Illusion Show will help you accomplish just that.

It will feel as though Alex teleports your audience right to the cabaret stages of Las Vegas and melds livestock like doves alongside grand-scale illusions into a seamless spectacle that is a visual extravaganza and is pure dynamite entertainment!

Alex The Magician prepares to walk through steel.

"An outstanding and professional entertainer. Please feel free to use Planet Hollywood as a reference for any future clients who may be interested in your great services. It is the least we can do for a job well done!"
Planet Hollywood (International Themed Restaurant)

"Dear Alex, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing performance at UWA. You had a distinguished audience of academic luminaries that you had dazzled and spellbound by, what was fantastic entertainment. The emails and messages about how much everyone enjoyed the performance have been rolling in. Highly recommended!"
Shaun Wellbourne-Wood The University of Western Australia

Alex The Magician Performing "The Vortex" Illusion.

Alex The Magician levitates a lady.

You will witness unbelievable and downright impossible stuff like how:


Alex's assistant gets sucked into a vortex and becomes totally invisible to the naked eye.


Alex makes a handkerchief come alive and dance.


Alex gets a member of the audience to perform the "World Most Dangerous Card Trick". Hint: It’ involves a GUN!


Alex makes a lady defy the laws of gravity!


Alex gets a member of the audience to test out his very dangerous guillotine. Someone might just go losing his head!


Alex makes an entire cage of doves visually "melt" into thin air!


Alex perform Houdini's most famous illusion, "Metamorphosis" FASTER and WAY BETTER than the way Houdini performed it.


And WAY too much to list over here.

All this adrenaline pumping stuff is NOT for the faint hearted and could leave your audience totally breathless!

YES! We are also able to conceptualise, design and perform customised Magical effects to magically produce a product, a logo, a person or put across a message or an idea for your special events.

For enquiries and info on how to get Alex to entertain at your next event, you should contact us at (65) 98421882 now.

Alternatively send an email to for more information.

We offer a no question asked, money back guarantee for my shows which means if you are not satisfied with any part of my performance (within my control), you do not owe me a single cent.



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